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If you are stuck at one of life’s crossroads, I am the guide for you.

If you have been divorced, lost your job, want to change your career, need a break, seen your children grow up and leave or if you are just in a rut or a general malaise – if you seek something more in life, be it travel or self-development, or ideally both, I can show you the way. In seeking your happiness, in finding your bliss, I can give you an insight as to what could be.

I can help you create a transformational journey of your own!

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I'm Pete

I'm Pete

I’m an author, traveller and coach.

In fact, I’m much more than that. I’m a husband, father, son, brother, mate, Scouser, footballer (still), cyclist, Liverpool FC supporter, football fan, world citizen, (healthy) sceptic, (practical) dreamer, achiever, music lover, meditator, negotiator, coach (insultant), avid reader, analysist, pacifist, Gemini, wine drinker, untrained cook, life appreciator, ground-hopper, property tycoon, positive influencer, witty joker and millionaire. (Granted, some of these I’m still working on).

These days, I write about transformational journeys. These are physical journeys where I have experienced a transformational or spiritual outcome. Here are some of my adventures …

  • I learnt to be myself, to eat and be healthy, I detoxed, meditated and learnt yoga and I was introduced to chakras and doshas – all in an Ayurveda retreat in India
  • I was the only passenger crossing the Pacific Ocean on a container ship
  • I came to terms with marriage again in Key West, which was the location of my first wedding
  • Time stood still for me in the ancient temples of Japan
  • I experienced the joy of giving donated football kit to street children in Ghana, and
  • I was treated by a shamanic healer on the equatorial island of São Tomé.
2013 11 11 Taj Mahal
2014 03 02 Miyajima, Japan
2016 01 27 Table Mountain, Cape Town

How can I help you?

A short time ago I hit rock bottom in my life and never dreamt of doing these journeys. Yet it is the spiritual nature of these trips that has revolutionised me. By telling my tales, I hope to inspire you to follow your dreams and to find the spiritual and life experiences that will transform you.

I used to think that big adventures were done by other people, by rich people, by journalists, by bohemians, by weirdos; not normal people, not working class lads from Liverpool such as me – not ordinary people. I had also dreamt of writing a book. And I couldn’t do that either. This was done by other people too – by writers. Now I believe dreams are not for others. Dreams are for us all. I wish to inspire you to achieve your dreams whatever they may be.

My books, blogs and coaching can build the bridge between you and your desire for adventure and spiritual change.

Please read my article “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”, featured on The Best You (NLP) blog, which explains how we need experience to prevent our fears from interfering too much [Reading time: 5 minutes].

I also explore how we should inspire each other in my interview, “Pete’s Inspiring Journeys”, on YouTube with Faith Cantor, who is an author in her own right [Viewing time: 22 minutes].

More of who I am

I never used to do this. A short time ago, I was still working as a commercial director and negotiator in the IT industry. I was in the Oil & Gas industry before that. I did this for twenty-five years, working in various locations in the UK, the US and Germany. My ‘normal life’ – wife, two children, good job – got spun upside down by some life-changing occurrences, which meant I left it all behind to travel and to question my long-standing beliefs.

These life changes are described in the following article on the Career Break Site blog: “The painful and chaotic background to my career break[Reading time: 9 minutes].

(More details of these times of change can be found in Chapter 1 of my book, Revolutions: Wandering and Wondering on a Sabbatical Year, and it is free to read: Read Chapter 1 for free [Reading time: 30 minutes]).

Always addicted to travel, my inner and outer journey over this period, of coming to terms with such major changes, is captured in my book: Revolutions: Wandering and Wondering on a Sabbatical Year. The book describes my year-long transformation – from taking baby steps (the purchase of a bicycle) to a full circumnavigation of the earth by train and ship. In my interview on BBC Radio Merseyside with Sean Styles on his morning show, I describe the transformational effect of my journey on the healing road: “‘In me Liverpool home’. Interview on the Sean Styles Show, BBC Radio Merseyside“. [Listening time: 8 minutes].

I am now happily remarried and I live in Frankfurt, Germany.


What do I have to offer you?

✓ Traveller                               – I’ve visited over 50 counties (but numbers don’t really count).

✓ World citizen                        – I’ve lived and worked in England, Scotland, the US and Germany.

✓ Experience                           – I look back at 25 years of corporate life as a senior executive in big IT ¦ I’m a survivor of divorce, of custody battles, of kids leaving home, of exhaustion and depression and of leaving corporate life. ¦ I found my soul mate, I’ve made transformational and spiritual journeys and I’m a seeker of joy, fun and happiness.

✓ NLP                                         – I’m a certified mind and business coach.

✓ Negotiator                             – I’m trained in “Getting to Yes” by Harvard Law School.

✓ Explorer                                – I’m excited about people, places and things and I’m still restless.

How can I help you?

✓ Tales of transformational journeys …

I write openly and honestly, and with plenty of humour, on our day to day struggles in seeking our calling and finding happiness.

  • Revolutions: Wandering and Wondering on a Sabbatical Year – one man’s soul searching journey to rekindle his health and his love of life … from being battered and beaten in Berlin to circumnavigating the world.

Transformational Journeys

  • Fantafrica – Wandering and Wondering across Africa – one man’s search for meaning in life’s third stage; there is no road to happiness, happiness is the road.

Joyful journeys …

Short traveller’s tales based on somewhere unusual but that are fun and transformational.

Mind, body and spirit for the beginner …

A little bit of positivity in this crazy world that explores the realm of mind, body and spirit.

✓ The power of change …

How to embrace change – turning life changes into life choices.

Coaching and consulting in taking career breaks and transformational journeys.

More details coming soon.

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